Pawprints Forever On My Heart

For 15 years K-fer was part of our family, he was an amazing cat. K-fer was affectionate, responsible for pest control, making sure Kelso knew who the boss was and cleaning the last drop of milk from abandoned cereal bowls. K-fer was recruited during the vole invasion of 2004 by our neighbours for his hunting skills. K-fer could usually be found napping in a number of areas in the house or just looking out the window. His favourite was sitting on the lap of anyone who would have him. 

When we said good bye to Kelso and K-Fer we were heart broken, we looked for a product to help us remember our furry friends. Options were limited and resulted in the development of the “Pawprints Forever On My Heart” photo frame. The custom photo frame in the shape of a paw print allows you to place 5 photo's of your beloved pet.

Pawprints Forever On My Heart:

The perfect way to remember your furry family member.

Kelso was part of our family for 13 years, we had no idea when we brought him home how he would change our lives. Kelso was well behaved and was responsible for greeting friends and family at the door, making sure we took regular walks,riding shotgun in our vehicles and testing our food for quality and taste. Kelso could usually be found keeping our bed warm or sitting on his perch looking out the window. It wasn’t unusual for Kelso, when invited, to sit on visitors laps making them feel welcome and special. At parties Kelso would make the rounds searching out guests willing to share small samples of their food.

Pawprints Forever On My Heart:

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